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Using the Drywall Sander

Written by: Randy Hauder

When you rent the drywall sander we provide the following:

Drywall Sander

  • Sander
  • Hose from sander to vac
  • Vac with bag to collect the drywall dust

Your job is to provide the following:

  • Drywall that needs to be sanded
  • Time to do the project

For starters, determine how many sanding pads you need and what grits you need.  They range from 80 grit (course) to 220 grite (fine).  Get a few extra; you can return what you don't use.  Start with mid range, 120 or 150 grit, unless you know you are going to have to take off a lot of material.  Unscrew the holder with washer in the center of the sander, put pad in and screw back on.  It is very helpful to have a flood light on the area you are working on.  Plug cord from sander into vac and plug cord from vac into power source.  Vac should come on for a little then shut off.  If it keeps running, push switch button on vac once.  Vac should shut itself off after a few seconds.  When you turn on sander the vac will start up also.  When you turn off sander vac will keep running for about 15 seconds to clean out the hose.  Now the fun part. Start sanding!  Always keep moving.  Try a small area first and then inspect.  If there are grooves try a finer grit.  If the material is not coming off as fast as you'd like, go with a courser grit.  Not every spec of dust will go in the vac, but it sure beats getting half of it in your hair!  If bag gets full, replace it with the extra bag in the bottom of the vac.  Keep going to a finer grit until you have the desired finish.  Now you are ready to paint or put on the texture coat.


  • Always keep sander moving; it is very easy to take off too much material.
  • Keep a light on the area you are sanding.
  • If it seems to be too dusty, check the bag.  Sometimes it gets a hole in it or fills up, just replace with the extra bag.
  • Let us know right away if it is not working properly.  We will do what we can to take care of you; we can't do that if we don't know about the problem.