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How to Make Kettle Corn

Written by: Randy Hauder

             Ready for some good ol' fashioned kettle corn?!!

             Rent our popcorn popper and follow these steps.


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Before you start, have the following items on hand: Mega Pop bags (pre-measured popcorn w/ butter), Sweet Corn Glaze, measuring cup, and scissors.


  • 1.   Turn all switches to the ON position.  The left switch is the kettle heat, the middle one is the kettle motor which stirs the corn, and the right switch is the heat bulb which keeps the popcorn fresh.


  • 2.   Let the kettle heat up for 4 minutes.
  • 3.   Cut a small corner off the popcorn bag and shake out seasoning salt.


  • 4.   Pour out 4 oz. of Sweet Corn Glaze into measuring cup (or what is handy).


  • 5.   Dump in the butter only and let it heat for about one minute.
  • 6.   Dump in popcorn.


  • 7.   When popcorn is just ready to pop, slowly pour in the Sweet Corn Glaze.  This will delay the popping just a little.


  • 8.   Dump out the popcorn when popping is still going good.  If you wait too long, it will burn the glaze and ruin the popcorn.
  • 9.   After 3rd batch the kettle needs to be cleaned.  This is done by filling kettle 3/4 full with water and letting it boil for a few minutes.
  • 11. Turn off the kettle heat and dump the water into another container.
  • 12. After kettle cools wipe it out with a dry paper towel and you are ready to pop the next batch.