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Boom Lifts & Scissor Lifts • Boom Lift, 50', All Terrain


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Need to get off the ground safely?  This 2 or 1 man lift will get you there and back down to the ground.  4 wheel drive goes through difficult situations.  Has foam filled tires so you don't have to worry about flats!

Title Boom Lift, 50', All Terrain
Manufacturer Haulotte
Model HA51JRT
Fuel Type Diesel
Weight 17905 lbs.
Length 24'-11"
Width 7'-7"
Height 7'-3"
Reach 50' Platform Heigt
Platform Capacity 507 lbs.
4 Hour Rate $210.00
Day Rate $300.00
Week Rate $900.00
4 Week Rate $2700.00