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Carpet Power Stretcher

Carpet Cleaners & Tools

4 Hour Rate - $30.00
Day Rate - $40.00
Week Rate - $120.00
4 Week Rate - $360.00

Carpet Power Stretcher

The Crain fixed head stretcher has the features that you would expect in a more expensive power stretcher. Comes complete with push-button stretch lock, Auto-Lok tube, 3 extension tube sections, 1 transfer tube section, folding tail block and carrying case. Adjusts from 37" to 22 ft. The No. 500 has an adjusting knob on the top of the power unit with a visual depth setting gauge. Just set the dial to the desired pin depth and you're ready to stretch.

The new Crain single case design now comes with wheels for easy transport. The case is blow-molded from high density plastic, and features industrial-quality double-wall construction. Its custom interior holds the Driving Head, Folding Tail Block, Transfer Tube Section, 3 Extension Tubes, and one Auto-Lok Tube. The single case design saves you money.

Manufacturer Crain
Model 500

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